Plenary Session 7

Date/Time: Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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Nathalie Barr Lecture - Professional Identity: Know Your Value and Own It!


A clear and strong professional identity not only adds satisfaction to one’s work life but also shapes how others view you individually and by extension the professional group that you represent. Professional Identity is established through education, mentoring relationships, professional associations, workplace dynamics, as well as one’s own sense of self-esteem and efficacy. This presentation will explore how the professional identity of a hand therapist evolves and the factors that influence it; and how an individual’s professional identity can impact the place given in a workplace organizational structure in terms of recognition, status, control and reward. The founders and early leaders of the Hand Therapy Specialty have succeeded in creating a strong collective professional identity and this must be protected to insure our place in Healthcare. Critical to this end is the acculturation of new therapists to adopt a professional identity which preserves the quality focus and integrity of our founders.


  • To acquire an understanding of the importance of professional identity and how it evolves
  • To acquire an understanding of the factors that shape an individual’s professional identity
  • To understand how one’s professional Identity influences one’s place and influence in the workplace and in an interdisciplinary environment